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Write of Passion Literary Journal’s Romance Issue is Here!

Write of Passion Literary Journal published its fourth issue two days ago on February 1st, 2020. It’s all about romance! It has some great book reviews, some fun romance stories submitted by writers, and some important writing tips for both general advice and writing within the romance genre. 

You can get it for free at and click the download link to get the PDF. You can also find all of our previous issues at that link. 

This marks a full year of issues from Write of Passion Literary Journal. I am so proud of my team and how this project has grown from conception back in November 2018 until it’s first open submissions in February 2019 until now, four issues later. 

Just to be clear, the change to make Write of Passion into a publishing company doesn’t mean the journal will go away. In fact, quite the opposite. We will continue to have the journal be free for everyone to access to raise awareness for the publishing company. 

So, if you haven’t yet, check out Write of Passion Literary Journal’s Romance Issue and if you like it, subscribe to the journal to get the issues straight to your inbox!

Until next monday!

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Change: A Life Update
Photo by Succo via Pixabay

This article is an update on events in my life right now, regarding to the theme of change.

Change is hard. It’s a huge part of my life right now and the uncertainty is driving me crazy.

For one thing, one of my favorite Facebook groups for writers closed down. The admins had too much on their plates and couldn’t keep up with it. My heart hurt to see it close, so I decided that I would take over as sole moderator. It’s a small group, only twenty-seven people, but it’s a huge responsibility since I have to respond and interact with everyone on a daily basis.

Another change in my life is getting displaced out of my room because I have to get the ceilings fixed from Hurricane Irma. I need to pack up all of my things and move them somewhere else out of the way and private but still accessible. I hate having my “nest” disturbed.

Getting the ceilings fixed sets into motion the process of…[Read More]