Kanban Boards: An Organizational Tool

Do you struggle to stay organized? Do to-do Lists just feel too plain and don’t motivate you enough? A kanban board might help you stay organized and get all of your responsibilities and goals done. What is a kanban board? This begs the question; what is a kanban board? It’s an organization system that helps you … Continue reading Kanban Boards: An Organizational Tool


How To Get Your Creativity Back On Track

A lot of people in the writing-focused Facebook groups I am in have mentioned they’re depressed and don’t feel like writing. One of the most common questions asked is, “How can I get my creativity back on track?” What I have found is the advice one person gives doesn’t always work for someone else. You … Continue reading How To Get Your Creativity Back On Track

NaNoWriMo Slump Survival Tips

It’s the third week of National Novel Writing Month. Writers around the world are thousands of words behind on reaching their goal of writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Muses everywhere have gone on vacation and left no notice of when they will return. The NaNoWriMo slump is here. How do we survive the slump … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Slump Survival Tips

Depression is Winter: A Poem

Cold temperatures, lethargy, Snow that blankets everything. Only deeper as the season continues, Barricading in the safety of isolation.   Excavating the emotional avalanche Like brushing feet of snow off the windshield Chipping away at ice, the shell of protection, Reopening emotions.   Potholes deeper, cracking souls. Patches of asphalt fill holes. [Read More]

Growing Up in a Cult: An Interview

What is a Cult? When people think of cults the Jim Jones incident of the 70s comes to mind. He laced Kool-Aid with cyanide and convinced his followers to commit a mass-suicide. But cults are a lot more common than that. Cults usually have several defining characteristics. These are: Members display zealous and unquestioning loyalty … Continue reading Growing Up in a Cult: An Interview

A Book to Read for Sarcasm Month: “Frat Girl” by Kiley Roache

“Frat Girl” by Kiley Roache is a chick-lit book about a rebel. Cassie Miller is a girl who has aspirations to go off to her dream college in California. In order to do that, she needs to get a scholarship. The one she’s applied for needs her to propose a research project that relates to … Continue reading A Book to Read for Sarcasm Month: “Frat Girl” by Kiley Roache