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About Me:


Hi! I’m Hayley Green: a writer, an avid reader, a music-lover, chocolate addict, office supply collector, lifelong learner, and organization and productivity buff.

My love of reading began before my conscious memory and writing grew out of that. Both were an extension of playing pretend and both gave my creative imagination an outlet. I now channel all of my creative energy into many projects.

Some of these are: Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Write of Passion Literary Journal,  Co-Lead of the Write Away Feedback Group, and running daily word sprints with my writerly friends. I can also be found working on several writing projects at once, in the middle of reading at least five different books and magazines, and going to school for a degree in Creative Writing.

I am the author of the short story, “Fire Legacy,” in the n#1 Amazon bestselling anthology Dragons Within: Guarding Her Own published by Balance of Seven press. Get your copy here.

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