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Hello and Welcome to My Website!

My name is Hayley Green and I am an aspiring author. This will be my blog where I will post about goings-on in my life and writing. It can also serve as an interactive interface with you guys! Feel free to drop me an email on the contact form at the bottom of this page or read up on my latest posts on the blog.

About Me

AuthorPhotoHello! My name is Hayley Green. I am a college student going to school for Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University as an online BA student. I have been fascinated with writing and reading at an early age. For me, writing was an extension of playing pretend. It still is in a lot of ways.

I write a little bit of everything, but my main genre is romance. All types of romance, but mostly in the Young Adult or New Adult genres. I don’t have anything published yet, but I am working on several novellas right now, ranging from paranormal, historical, time travel, and realistic. 

I am a contributor to Coffee House Writers and on Functionally Fictional.  You can keep up with me on any of these platforms or here on my blog. 

I look forward to sharing my writing with you!

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